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When we first starting working together, the main objective was to get the ecommerce portion of their website setup and functioning correctly. As a tech repair shop website operating out of two locations based in Texas, it was vital that their website communicates that their company stays current with technology trends and offers a pleasant user experience.

Over the years, Twisted Tech has evolved into a fully-fledged technology repair shop behemoth and they continue to evolve with the ever evolving tech world. Not only do they repair everything from smartphones, tablets, pc’s, laptops, wearables, and even electronic and industrial PCBs, but they also serve schools across the nation by supporting their technology departments – Supplying them with high performance computer labs for eSports and more.

Since the inception of our business relationship, we’ve managed to transform their standardized tech repair shop website into a fine oiled lead generating and ecommerce machine! In this case study, I’ll present a few of the larger projects we’ve tackled together:

Table of Contents

  • SEO & Lead Generation
    • WordPress Plug-in: Repair Cost Calculator
    • SEO & Optimization
    • Site Speed Optimization
  • UX & Interactive
    • WooCommerce > Variable Products & Pricing
    • WooCommerce > Payment Gateways

Tech Repair Shop Website SEO & Lead Generation

What is the main purpose of having a tech repair shop website developed? To generate business leads and revenue. These two goals hang in the balance of the effectiveness of a website’s assets, performance, and messaging. Providing your visitors the right tools to improve their experience, like a Repair Cost Calculator to help them anticipate costs of the damages to their smartphone could be exponentially beneficial. Ensuring the wording your pages are tailored for clear messaging and optimized so users can easily find you with the most common relevant words.

WordPress Plug-in: Repair Cost Calculator

(Sample: https://twistedtechit.com/repairs)

Staff of a Tech Repair Shop Website service an HP laptop
Image courtesy of twistedtechit.com

If you’ve ever needed to pay a visit to your local tech repair shop for either your phone’s cracked screen or because your computer is experiencing the blue screen of death, we’ve all wondered “what’s this going to cost me?”. Having a repair cost calculator readily available has a variety of advantages:

Consumer Convenience: Customers are always welcome to request a quote for any of your goods or services. They don’t need to wait for your response during regular business hours, or wonder whether they will hear from you again. Instead, consumers may obtain a customized quote at any time of day.

Rapid gratification: Fast turnaround times characterize the digital age. Customers are more inclined to make a purchase when they receive a quote quickly, as they like the instant gratification of doing so.

Want to implement a tool like this on your WordPress website?

Enhanced Customer Experience: Without a doubt, receiving a fast quotation improves the customer experience. It’s dependable, simple, and fast for all parties concerned. Consequently, potential clients will be more keen to collaborate with you as a result of a positive online experience.

Empower your Prospects: Customers obtaining quotations require options. If your business offers it’s potential clients all the information they require to make an informed decision, this gives your customers more confidence and will eventually increases revenue for your business.

Increased Online Traffic: Google’s business model is to deliver the most relevant and useful tools to those in search of information they need. This is why Google is by far the best search tool on the internet. When you make an estimation tool available to those searching for services like yours, you’ll rank much better for local searches and you’re guaranteed to streamline your sales process with increased conversion rates.

I’ve worked with a small handful of calculators, but my experience with the “Cost Calculator Plugin for WordPress” has been very good. It’s very flexible in what you’re capable of accomplishing and it has WooCommerce integration in the event you would like to capture that potential sale in that very moment!

The guys over at Twisted Tech requested to have their repair cost calculator setup on their tech repair shop website so that visitors can choose their preferred drop-off location and date, along with their device’s information and repair needs. There were some additional customizations to get the tool where we needed it to be, but we all love the benefits it provides both the Twisted staff and their customers.

Search Engine Optimization

An essential digital marketing tactic that can greatly improve a repair shop website’s exposure and searchability is search engine optimization, or SEO. It serves as the lighthouse directing consumers to pertinent material in a world where having an online presence is essential. SEO increases results and enhances user experience by optimizing meta tags, keywords, and article structure. Improved exposure generates more organic traffic, which establishes a reliable and affordable supply of leads or sales. Furthermore, because people tend to connect authority with top search results, SEO promotes credibility and trust.

During the summer, Twisted Tech wanted to launch a promotion to drive users to their tech repair shop website for a new exciting Racing Simulator Steering Wheel Bundle. Another SEO factor that can be easily overlooked is the Social Share Preview appearance. If you own a business and have a LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, or X (formally known as Twitter) Account, when you share a URL you’ll notice a snippet that is automatically generated. These platforms pull that meta data from that specific URL, transforms that data into a nicely packaged preview! Skipping this step can be damaging because it ensures that your postings are consistent with your branding and messaging. It keeps your visual identity, tone, and style constant throughout your social media channels and when others share your URLs.

Site Speed Optimization

For a number of reasons, tech repair shop websites must prioritize website performance optimization. First of all, it has a big impact on the user experience since users anticipate easy access to device information. A sluggish website can frustrate visitors and damage the reputation of the computer repair company. It can also result in increased bounce rates and lower engagement. It’s the website of a tech store, thus it should load really quickly. Users looking for tech solutions in today’s fast-paced digital environment want immediate results!

Additionally, a speedier tech repair business website is more likely to rank higher in search results due to search engines like Google considering page speed as a ranking criteria. This has a good effect on organic traffic and exposure within the competitive tech repair market. Furthermore, faster-loading pages have lower abandonment rates and higher user satisfaction, which improves the overall performance of the tech repair website. As a result, faster-loading pages help a tech repair shop’s conversion rates.

During the course of our relationship, because we have users of different experiences making changes to the website, I tend to check for common factors that can greatly affect site speed optimization. Here is a short list of what I watch for:

  • Unoptimized Images
  • Too Many Plugins
  • Outdated Themes & Plugins
  • Unoptimized Database
  • Large Media Files

If your website needs a little Site Speed Optimization lovin’, feel free to request a free proposal for your website, here.

Tech Repair Shop Website UX & Interactive

WooCommerce > Variable Products & Pricing

If you’re just getting your feet wet in the digital world and have considered building an ecommerce website on the WordPress CMS platform, you can’t go wrong by integrating the WooCommerce extension. This will transform your website from a basic experience to one capable of listing products and services that can be purchased, accepting payments from credit cards, and even offering your visitors the ability to finance some of the larger purchases.

When you pair these two tools together, it gives you the ability to create some rather complicated products. For example, Twisted Tech’s Twisted Tech RS is a extensive variable product available on their tech repair shop website that allows you to tailor your racing simulator. Choose from a variety of frame colors, seat options, and more! Try for yourself, here.

Personally, I enjoy projects that require me to exercise a variety of my skillsets. This one required a little bit of graphic work so that the frame colors were accurate and reflected user selection, coding so that the user experience of the product presentation and details were top-notch on both desktop and mobile, and a lot of attention to detail when it came to building out and calculating the hundreds of possible variations. A labor of love, but so rewarding in the end.

Want to implement something like this on your WordPress website?

WooCommerce > Payment Gateways

As mentioned previously, WooCommerce Payment Gateways are online payment processing facilities that are incorporated into the well-known WordPress ecommerce platform WooCommerce. By linking the online store with the payment processor, these gateways enable safe and easy financial transactions between consumers and retailers. WooCommerce Payment Gateways are advantageous to merchants and consumers alike since they protect the confidentiality of financial data by encrypting and securely transmitting sensitive payment information.

A customer’s purchase experience is made more flexible and convenient by an array of payment options, which include digital wallets, credit/debit cards, financing options, and other online payment methods. By streamlining the checkout procedure, lowering the possibility of fraudulent transactions, and facilitating the effective administration of online transactions, these gateways help retailers offer a more dependable and seamless online purchasing experience.

When making purchases on Twisted Tech’s website, typically their products come with a higher price point and sometimes it helps to convert a prospecting client into a sale by offering financing options. We decided that Stripe would be the best route to go considering their reputation, palatable commission rates, and security encryption for secure purchasing. Twisted also mentioned that a lot of their business transacts through PayPal, and conveniently they also offer financing terms.

Offering these two options, while pairing free nationwide shipping has proven beneficial while attending racing and tech events. Prospecting clients can get hands-on at the events and if they’re ready to deal, they visit the website and make the purchase. It’s very efficient, low friction, and customers love it!

Image courtesy of twistedtechit.com

For many service sectors, having a website that can take payments is quite helpful as it increases consumer convenience, broadens the market, and simplifies financial transactions. Here are some other potential industries that could take advantage of having an ecommerce website built:

  • Consulting Services – Experts like financial planners, business consultants, and attorneys may accept service fees online and provide a smooth customer experience.
  • Educational Services – Tutoring and Online courses, making registration and tuition transactions easier.
  • Home Maintenance & Renovation – Contractors, landscapers, plumbers, and electricians could easily accept payments from customers via their websites.
  • Freelancing Services – Photographers, event coordinators, and fitness trainers by making it easier for customers to schedule and pay for services.

All things considered, the capacity to receive payments online is a flexible asset for service companies, encouraging productivity and raising client happiness in a variety of sectors.

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