WooCommerce Abandoned Carts and How To Salvage Them

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eCommerce, but specifically WooCommerce eCommerce journeys inevitably encounter those same notorious abandoned carts as well – where shoppers start the checkout process but fall into a microscopic crack never to be seen again without any explanation! Don’t worry, we’ll learn that rescuing those abandoned carts in WooCommerce isn’t rocket science.

To put this in perspective, for those of you who have worked at a grocery store, you’ve probably witnessed the infamous mysteriously abandoned grocery cart stranded in a deserted canned goods aisle. I’ve seen it with my own eyes many times and I’ve always wondered… What’s that cart’s story? Where is it’s owner? What changed so abruptly that it caused such a major recourse? It’s a lot like that and it even happens in the physical world we live in.

So let’s collect those forgotten carts and turn losses into potential conversions!

Unveiling the Mystery of Abandoned Cart Recovery

What’s Abandoned Cart Recovery?

It’s the objective to win back the hearts of those cart abandoners! From unexpected shipping surprises to ninja-level distractions, we face it all in the online retail realm. Many online small business owners aren’t aware of just how many sales they are losing. There’s probably a fancy formula to calculate a really rough estimate, but wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure how many are leaving AND capturing the visitor’s contact information? If you’re attempting to tackle the challenge on your own, join this rescue mission overview to uncover insights to bring back those lost sales!

Why Abandoned Cart Recovery Matters

Recovering abandoned carts is essential because studies have revealed that 60-80% of carts suffer abandonment. If you could manage to recoup 25-50% of those lost sales, would that significantly improve your revenue?

What are the Potential Reasons for WooCommerce Abandoned Carts?

There are many reasons why visitors may have left their cart behind on various websites and many of us are guilty of a few of these I’m sure, but here’s a quick comprehensive checklist:

WooCommerce Abandoned Carts
  • Complex checkout process
  • Unexpected shipping costs
  • Limited payment options
  • Shipping costs
  • Mandatory account creation
  • No coupon code available
  • Offer relevant payment methods
  • Payment security concerns
  • Slow delivery 22
  • Website errors
  • Card was declined
  • Guest checkout
  • Security concerns
  • Trust issues
  • No free shipping option
  • Slow website performance ( optimize | go fast )
  • Comparison shopping website
  • Extra costs are too high
  • Inadequate return policies
  • Lack of customer reviews
  • Low purchase intent
  • Returns policy
  • Conducting research to buy later

As a savvy online shopper (myself), some of these items are beyond cringey for small online businesses to implement. For example, Mandatory Account Creation and an unnecessarily Complex Checkout Process. I can respect the hustle and not leaving one stone unturned – capitalizing on every single sales opportunity, but shaking down customers is beyond a turnoff and can drive people away permanently. Sometimes you have to let out the line to reel in the big fish.

Use this list to review your website’s online shopping experience and self reflect. I suggest to copy, paste, enlarge, print, and create objectives to fine tune your ecommerce store. Perhaps tackle the list 2-3 line items per week, if you’re trying to accomplish this on your own. If you’d rather save the time, this is something that I can handle for you. (message me here)

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Unleashed

  1. Crafting Your Remarketing Efforts

    Learn the art of crafting emails that work like a charm! Addify’s plugins, including the Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce, let you create spells that captivate with product images, colorful copy, and the option to pepper in some discount codes. Convince those cart abandoners to return pickup where they left off!

    The plugin seamlessly integrates with a variety of Email Connectors, CRMS, and Plugins such as – HubSpot, MailChimp, Salesforce, and Elementor!

    After integration, start with a simple and direct campaign that extends an olive branch, perhaps even a small discount code at some point. I wouldn’t suggest giving up the money right off the bat, sometimes the potential customer didn’t leave do to the price. Obviously the price can always be better, but sometimes their abandonment is caused by something completely out of your control, like a distraction of sorts. Maybe send the discount code out on the second or third email.

  2. Picking the Perfect Plugin for The Rescue Party

    Equip yourself with some recovery arsenal – Addify.Store’s Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin! This tool is designed to transform your WooCommerce store’s checkout process behind the scenes, offering automated emails, customizable outputs, and analytics for a successful recovery process.

    During my tenure with Stowe Cargo Systems, we used Addify’s plug-in to lasso those pesky abandoned purchases to improve our conversion rate. We incorporated a mix between manual follow-ups and automated emails to boot. You can learn more about that project, here.

    I would first start by attempting to reach the user by email and starting a conversation. If there was a response, I would usually follow up with a friendly phone call. In the case of the Stowe Cargo System, it was usually hesitation with fitment, uncertain of the box size of their truck, or more questions that deserved a more humanly touch. Perhaps your product line is similar?

  3. Keeping the Flame Ablaze – Regular Analytics Monitoring

    Get insights into analytics and reports. Track recovered carts, pending orders, and the performance of your auto-outgoing emails. It’s a bit like pulling back the curtain that reveals the effectiveness of your recovery strategy.

Download the FREE Lite Version (no trial period, but limited) | Purchase the Pro Version, here.

WooCommerce Abandoned Carts Rescue Practices in 2024

Ok, are you ready for some pro-tips? Choose the right plugin, there’s many plugins floating around in the WordPress plugin directory, but this Addify plugin is probably the most unique because you can craft recovery emails, implement role-playing strategies, and keep a close eye on the detailed analytics.

Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce (Get the Plugin from Addify)

Explore the Magic of Addify.Store!

Meet the Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce by Addify.Store – an absolute legend of a plugin with advanced features to make cart recovery a breeze. From automated email wizardry to customizable enchantments, it’s time to unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce store!

WooCommerce Abandoned Carts

Crafting a successful abandoned cart recovery strategy is like brewing a potion – it’s essential! The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin by Addify.Store is your elixir. Blend it with best practices like timely follow-ups, personal touches, and perfectly timed auto-outgoing emails to transform those abandoned carts into conversions. Don’t miss the opportunities – let the right tools and strategies grow your eCommerce success.

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