JCS Building LLC: A Mobile-First Website

Website: https://jcsbuildingllc.com

Milestones Update:

  • Website Launch – May 28, 2024
  • Lead Conversion(s) in first 30 Days – 3
  • Sale Conversion(s) in first 30 Days – 2

JCS Building & Remodeling, a Metro Detroit-based small business specializing in home renovations since 2017, approached us with a clear mission: establish a strong online presence. Their primary goals were to showcase their impressive portfolio in a user-friendly format and generate leads through phone calls and online form submissions. This digital strategy aimed to significantly increase their local visibility for residents seeking kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, and home additions. Ultimately, JCS hoped to leverage their website to grow their revenue and expand their team.

JCS Building & Remodeling caters to homeowners in the Metro Detroit area who desire to upgrade their living spaces and maximize their property value. Understanding their target audience was crucial. These potential clients likely browse online for inspiration and research contractors before initiating renovation projects. A user-friendly and informative website would be a valuable resource for these homeowners searching for Metro Detroit home remodeling services.

Understanding the Objectives Before us

The project’s core objectives were lead generation through phone calls and online forms. To achieve this, we needed to create a website that prioritized user experience with a focus on visuals. This meant crafting a streamlined, single-page layout website that effectively functioned as an online portfolio showcasing JCS’s work. Easy-to-use navigation was paramount, allowing visitors to find relevant information quickly, such as service details, project galleries, and pricing estimates. A clear call to action (CTA) was strategically placed throughout the website, prompting visitors to contact JCS for a free consultation or project quote.

A significant challenge arose from optimizing a primarily visual website for search engines (SEO). Traditionally, search engines rely heavily on text content to understand and rank websites. We tackled this challenge by ensuring optimal website performance – fast loading times and a mobile-first design are crucial for SEO success. Furthermore, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. This included keyword research to identify relevant search terms used by potential clients in Metro Detroit looking for home remodeling services. We then strategically incorporated these keywords throughout the website content, including page titles, meta descriptions, and image alt text.

To further enhance user experience, we adopted a mobile-first design approach. Considering the significant portion of web traffic originating from mobile devices, prioritizing mobile-friendliness was essential. Figma, a popular design tool, was used to create a responsive website layout that adapts seamlessly to any device. Development was then executed using Elementor, a user-friendly platform that allowed for a smooth and efficient build process. All anchored links lead to full-screen sections, mimicking an app-like experience. This streamlined approach keeps visitors engaged and focused on JCS’s work, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion into a qualified lead.

Clear Vision, Clear Results: The Power of Planning a Project

Our design and development process is well-defined, ensuring clear communication and efficient project execution. We began with a discovery call to understand JCS’s vision for their website, their target audience, and their specific needs. This initial discussion allowed us to gather crucial information to inform the design and development phases. We then created website mockups for both desktop and mobile versions, allowing for two rounds of revisions before development commenced. This collaborative approach ensured that JCS was fully satisfied with the website’s design and functionality before any coding began. Once developed, the website went through rigorous testing on various devices and browsers to ensure optimal performance and a bug-free user experience. Following final approval from JCS, the website was launched and went live on the internet.

As the website recently launched, results are still in their early stages. We are actively monitoring website traffic, lead generation through phone calls and form submissions, and user behavior on the website. This data will be analyzed over the next few months to measure the website’s effectiveness in achieving JCS’s goals. We will update this case study with concrete data and insights in the coming months to showcase the website’s impact on JCS’s business growth.

JCS Building & Remodeling is thrilled with the smooth project execution and is particularly impressed with the initial user experience upon website launch. They appreciate the clear and visually-appealing design that effectively showcases their work.

We successfully launched the website before the peak remodeling season in Metro Detroit, allowing JCS to capitalize on increased market interest for home improvement services. Importantly, we stayed within the project’s timeline and scope, ensuring a successful and efficient project delivery. This case study highlights the effectiveness of a mobile-first website design with a robust SEO strategy, even for websites with a strong visual focus. By prioritizing user experience and clear calls to action, the website is well-positioned to generate leads.

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